Eurolite náplň do výrobníku mlhy -X- Extreme A2, 25l

Fog fluid for fog machines
Fog fluid for fog machines


  • Značka: Eurolite
  • Kód zboží: 51704356
  • Dostupnost: Skladem
  • Eurolite

2 806 Kč

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Special fluid for extremely long-lasting fog effects with extreme density. Applicable for extreme effects in discos and for outdoor use under unfavorable conditions e.g. for firefighter schools (trainings in buildings, simulations, etc.). Water-based. Odorless . Non-toxic. Not harmful to health . Can reusable . Biodegradable. Non-flammable. Permanent quality control, complying with REACH. Proven quality made in Germany . Available in 1 l, 5 l, 25 l, 30 l and 200 l containers.
Weight 27,40 kg


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